GPTS Mobile App Goes Live

As some of you may have heard by now, the GPTS Mobile app has gone live for Android and iOS.  We are very excited about this app and for partnering with Subsplash Consulting to make this happen.  The app is very much in its infancy and we are working to enhance it with other features that will benefit the end user.  These updates can now be pushed to your phone in real-time, as they happen.

Some of the features of the app:

1.  Ability to listen to the Confessing Our Hope podcast within the app itself.  No need for a 3rd party app/program to handle the audio.  We have it right there for you to enjoy.

2.  Ability to keep up news and other information about the seminary.

3.  Ability to listen to past Theology Conference lectures (covering 2010-2012).

4.  Ability to listen to past chapel sermons.

Some things we have planned:

1.  A video virtual tour of the campus.

2.  The addition of a video section featuring sermons and other material.
Get the app here (or scan the code in the upper left):

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