The Election: Observations and Exhortations for God’s People

Dr. Joseph Pipa, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary was our guest as we discussed the recent general election that was held in the United States.  This discussion centered on the spiritual and cultural shift of our nation, a failure of the mega-church model, a need for reformation in the church and some practical and helpful exhortations from God’s Word.  You will not want to miss this discussion.

#28 – The Election: Observation and Exhortations for God’s People


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  • Neither candidate was Biblically qualified for the civil magistrate. Ron Paul was, I believe, the best and most qualified for the position,Biblically speaking. He was denied by the RNC to seat his delegates,he was ignored by the media and the church apparently caved in to the false idea that “Ron Paul was not electable.” We desparately need a return to Reformation principles.

  • The interview was very informative in light of the subject of our past election and where our churches stand. You are correct, it was the church who elected Obama once again and they are charged with a great sin of negligence of Wisdom and knowledge of our Lord and his Laws. Our direct transgressions against the most high is most heinous and serious. God is sending different forms of judgement on us and the entire world due to the wickedness of Man and Women, and yes we must pray not only for our leaders , but for our own families as well. We also must bear in mind that the scripture states in the last days their would be great Apostasy within the church and we can visually see it , but God (The Holy Spirit)will continue calling his own till the last one is sealed , then the end will come.
    God Bless.

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