Faith and Practice #1

In this inaugural edition of the “Faith and Practice” segment Dr. Joseph Pipa sits down and interacts with questions from our listeners.  This is a new monthly feature of the podcast and you can get more information about this feature here.

In this edition we dealt with the following questions:

I read your book “The Lord’s Day” to my family for a series in our family worship.  It was very edifying!  I especially appreciated your analogy of the Sabbath as a park and one wrong way keeping of Sabbath as putting “a fence around the park.”  It certainly seems that the Pharisees had built quite a fence around all the moral law with the Talmud and other traditions of the rabbis!  I was attempting to explain to my young children some of the abuses of the Pharisees in their Talmudic rabbinical traditions regarding the Sabbath – could you tell us more about these extra-biblical laws that were designed to “help” believers “keep” the Sabbath?  The Talmud is so vast, it is hard to find those references.  Also, do you have any book or site that you could direct us to so that we could understand this better?

Christopher, Dayton, TN


What is your view of David Van Drunen’s Two Kingdom’s Theology? It seems to be gaining support but I am not so sure he is on target.

Arthur, Middleton, PA


What are the major differences between the OPC and the PCA?

Jesse, Miami, FL


How should Christians best respond to the questions of God’s sovereignty and goodness in the face of evil, in light of the recent tornado disaster?

— Abby, Sanford, FL

There were many good questions and they will be tackled in a future broadcast.  Keep them coming!

Listen here:

#36 – Faith and Practice #1



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