Faith and Practice #5

In this fifth edition of the “Faith and Practice” segment Dr. Joseph Pipa sits down and interacts with questions from our listeners.  This is a new monthly feature of the podcast and you can get more information about this feature here.

In this edition we dealt with the following questions:

Question: What is the difference between the ontological and economical essence of the Triune God and what is the practical relation to God’s redemptive purposes?

— Stephanie from TN

Could you elaborate on how we live out the “general equity” of the Mosaic legislation, as the Westminster Confession of Faith prescribes? Are we only able to determine the “general equity”of a Mosaic prescription if a New Testament author does it for us (i.e. 1 Timothy 5.18)?

— Charles from NC

My wife and I attend a small reformed Presbyterian church with our young family. My wife has a lovely singing voice and, at various times, has been asked to sing a solo or a duet during the offertory. Upon consideration, council, and prayer, we have decided that she should politely refuse such requests.

It is our understanding that singing during corporate worship should be directed towards God by the congregation and that, at the very least, singing performed by a small minority of the congregation risks becoming a distraction, directing attention to the performers instead of towards God.

— Chuck from SC

Do you have more questions for Dr. P’s monthly segment? I was wondering if he could comment on the cessationaism vs continuationism debate for our audience.

— Josh from AL

The Larger Catechism’s Q/A’s on the Ten Commandments are long, extensive, and biblically supported at every step by clear Scripture. Yet it seems as if they are largely ignored (for example Q. 139’s prohibition on “lascivious songs, books, pictures, dancings, and stage plays”) and certainly not taught. My question very simply is why does the Larger Catechism receive such short shrift in our day and what can be done to recapture the blessings of the WLC? 

— Benjamin from MS

NOTE: We also did a general discussion about the topic of republication and the two kingdoms.

Listen here:


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