Faith and Practice #9

In this ninth edition of the “Faith and Practice” segment Dr. Joseph Pipa sits down and interacts with questions from our listeners.  This is a new monthly feature of the podcast and you can get more information about this feature here.

In this edition we dealt with the following questions:

We are cautioned in Scripure not to lay hands on men for leadership hastily. What would you recommend as a practice for recognizing, training, and proving men as elders in the local church. A second question is related to it, do you have any recommendations for the ongoing training/education/discipleship of the men already on session?

–Terry from PA

What means solemn worship and what are its implications for ourselves now a days?

— Manoel from Brazil

What did Paul mean in 1 Cor 5:5 ? Are there some sins that are so grievous in the church that, when they are found out, the guilty party(s) are to be put out of the church without following the steps given in Matthew 18? Thank you for your time.

A few months ago, I heard in a sermon that Jacob’s wrestling with the angel was his conversion. I would like to know what you think about this statement. If you agree, then I would like to know how we are to read Jacob’s vow at Bethel (Gen 28) and his prayer in ch 32:9-11?

–Mel from CO

I have heard that we should not pray asking the Lord to come and be present with us, eg: in a worship service, because God has promised us in His Word that where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, there He will be also. What do you think? Is it improper to pray this way?


What is your interpretation about Matthew 24? (Do you think that Jesus was referring only to the destruction of the temple, only the end of the days or the both?)

–Israel from Brazil

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