Confessing Our Hope Partners with Banner of Truth

The Confessing Our Hope podcast has partnered with the Banner of Truth Trust in order to facilitate getting solid, Reformed books and materials (hardcopy or ebook) into the hands of our listeners.  Starting with Faith and Practice #11, any listener who submits a question that is chosen for use on the Faith and Practice segment of the podcast will receive a $10 US discount coupon that can be used towards any purchase on the Banner of Truth website.

If your question is used on the program you will receive an email notification with the appropriate code that you will use at the time of checkout.  This can be applied to any purchase (hardcopy or ebook).

To get started, simply send us your question of a theological or practical nature for Dr. Pipa, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, to answer.  If your question is used you will receive the $10 US discount code.

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