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willbornDr. Nick Willborn was our guest as we discussed two topics.  First, we spent a few minutes talking about The Confessional Presbyterian, a theological journal of wide popularity. Second, we spoke about the Presbyterian Church History class that is offered every Winter term at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Education: B.S. Tennessee Technological University 1984; M.Div. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary 1988; Ph.D. Historical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, 2003.

Positions: Pastor Stanton Baptist Church, 1985-1987; Associate Pastor Open Door Bible Church, 1989-1991; Arab World Ministries, 1991-1996; Pastor Reformed Heritage Presbyterian Church, 1996-2000. Associate Professor of Historical and Biblical Theology (2000-2009); Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (2009-present); Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (2009 – present). In addition to his pastoral labors, Dr. Willborn is a frequent conference speaker and serves as the co-editor of The Confessional Presbyterian.

Author: John L. Girardeau, (1825-98): Pastor to Slaves and Theologian of Causes (2003, Ph.D. Dissertation); “Adoption: A Historical Perspective with Evangelical Implications,” in Sanctification: Growing in Grace (2002); “The Diaconate: God’s Office of Temporal Affairs,” in Confessing Our Hope (2004); and “The ‘Ministerial and Declarative’ Powers of the Church and In Thesi Deliverances,” in The Confessional Presbyterian (2005); “Gilbert Tennent” in Colonial Presbyterianism (Wipf & Stock, 2007); “Biblical Theology in Southern Presbyterianism” in The Hope Fulfilled (P&R 2008); “The Deacon: A Divine Right Office with Divine Uses,” in The Confessional Presbyterian (2009); “Hodge and Thornwell: ‘Princes in Israel'” in The Confessional Presbyterian(2012), “James Henley Thornwell: An American Theologian” in The Confessional Presbyterian (2013) and The Selected Writings of Benjamin Morgan Palmer, (Banner of Truth Trust, 2014).

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