Faith and Practice Update

podcastMany of you know that each month Dr. Joseph Pipa, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, takes questions sent in by the listeners on the “Faith and Practice” segment of the podcast.  What you may not know are the multiple ways in which you can submit questions.  Here is a list:

  1. The easiest way is to use this form.  Fill it out and we will get it.
  2. You can submit questions through Twitter using hashtag #gptsfp aimed @GPTSPodcast.  Of course, you are restricted to 140 characters, but that’s fine.  Short questions are acceptable. 🙂
  3. You can also submit questions directly to the podcast. Use the email address confessingourhope(at) (replace the at with the proper symbol).

It is very easy. Now, the bonus part…

If you send in a question in one of the three ways, and Dr. Pipa answers the question on the air, you will get a $10 off discount code to the Banner of Truth store. What an easy way to get money for books! So, fire up your web browser, Twitter account, or email and fire off those questions.

Thanks for listening to the Confessing Our Hope podcast.

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