The Westminster Assembly and Pastoral Ministry

vandixDr. Chad Van Dixhoorn is our guest.  The topic of conversation will be the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Summer Institute class held each year on the Taylors SC campus.

We live in a broken world and broken lives abound in it. Pastors and church elders are increasingly tasked with providing counsel, and many seek new tools to do so. But are there some old tools that speak to this need? What does the Westminster Confession, for example, have to say about pastoral care?

Greenville Seminary’s 2016 Summer Institute, a week-long seminar for pastors and Christian laymen, will delve into this unique topic.

Dr. Chad B. Van Dixhoorn will lecture on “The Westminster Assembly and Pastoral Care.” The study will be held on the GPTS campus Aug. 1-5.

Listen Here:


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