Preparation for Ministry

pfmDr. Allan Harman is our guest as we discuss his book Preparation for Ministry. This interview will discuss relevant items related to the call to the pastoral ministry as well as preparing for the ministry and practical advice for those graduating from seminary.

From the publisher:

Preparation For Ministry deals with important issues relating to a call to the Christian ministry, theological training, and entry into pastoral work.

The author has written it out of his own rich experience as a student, a pastor, and a seminary teacher. Those contemplating entry into the Christian ministry will benefit greatly from his practical advice on such subjects as coming to faith, the call to the ministry, pre-theological study, and choosing a theological college or seminary.

Those already in theological training or who have recently entered into ministry will also find much to help them within these pages on such topics as the theological course, early ministry, and staying fresh.

A brief bibliography is provided, and the book also contains useful appendices, including:

  • a guide to preparatory reading
  • a short guide to sermon preparation
  • C. H. Spurgeon’s The Minister’s Self-Watch
  • B. B. Warfield’s The Religious Life of Theological Student

Listen here:

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  • Great episode, I always enjoy Confessing our Hope! William, another TV related analogy for how the scriptures come alive when a person knows the original languages is high definition vs. standard definition.

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