Confessing Our Hope Podcast

As many of you have heard by now, Greenville Seminary has a new podcast that can be accessed through RSS (iTunes, Google Reader, etc.).  This is going to be a weekly podcast of the seminary and we have many exciting topics lined up for discussion.

If you are interested in following the podcast simply subscribe to it by plugging in in to your existing RSS reader and you will get all the current broadcasts as well as the new ones as they are released.  This blog will update often as it relates to the podcast itself.  Stay tuned.

Media Arm of Greenville Seminary

We have started a new venture of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary by offering a distinct and separate website as the “media arm” of the seminary.  This site will house all of the Confessing Our Hope podcasts as well as book reviews, articles written by staff, faculty and alumni of the seminary.  While this site is very much in its infancy, we are looking forward to bringing many things to it as a resource for everyone.

Some of the various categories that will be included are:

The Confessing Our Hope podcast
Book Reviews and Notes
Articles (written by current students, faculty, staff, and graduates of the seminary)
Other Media (audio and video, including all sermons and lectures that are also on the Sermon Audio site)

Please note that these items will all be under the individual tabs located at the top of the page.


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