Is The Trinity Practical?

mcgrawDr. Ryan McGraw, professor at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, will be on the program to discuss his book Is the Trinity Practical?

From the publisher:trinity-p

The Trinity is an important doctrine, yet many Christians perceive it as difficult to understand and irrelevant to their Christian lives. Author Ryan McGraw explains that the Trinity is the foundation of the gospel, which we must come to understand as the work of all three divine persons—Father, Son, and Spirit. He shows us, in practical application, the ways that we grow in grace and piety as we learn to apply the truths of the Trinity to our daily walk with God.

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The Biblical Languages

ShawdyerGreenville Seminary professors Dr. Ben Shaw (left) and Dr. Sid Dyer (right) were our guests on the program to discuss the importance and value of learning the biblical languages. This program will help students who are entering seminary to prepare for the hard work of learning Hebrew and Greek and offer some practical guidance to those who are currently learning the languages.

Dr. Shaw is professor of Old Testament and Dr. Dyer is professor New Testament at the seminary. For more information about both of these men, see this page.

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Fall Schedule of Faith and Practice

Pipa-BowtieThe Fall schedule of Faith and Practice with Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary president Dr. Joseph Pipa is now available:

September 5, 2016 at 3 PM ET

October 3, 2016 at 3 PM ET

November 7, 2016 at 3 PM ET

December 5, 2016 at 3 PM ET

You can listen live right here on the website by clicking the play button on the media player to the right.

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A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, and Unity

gptsDr. David Hall was interviewed on an article he wrote on one particular decision of the PCA GA.  This article is titled “A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, and Unity.”  The full article can be found here. Dr. Hall is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and is the Senior Pastor of Midway PCA in Powder Springs, Ga.

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A New Segment: Graduate Spotlight

gptsStarting in September, we are rolling out a new segment of the podcast called “Graduate Spotlight.”  The focus of this new segment will be to highlight the work and ministry of graduates of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary including ministerial updates, needs, and prayer requests. We hope this will help others stay connected to and pray for the men the seminary has trained over the years.

There will be two kinds of “graduate spotlights”.  The first, released quarterly, will be a full-blown interview with two graduates, located by region of the country as well as others ministering in other countries.  The second (and shorter version) will be a 5-minute add on to the end of a regularly scheduled podcast.

Preparation for Ministry

pfmDr. Allan Harman is our guest as we discuss his book Preparation for Ministry. This interview will discuss relevant items related to the call to the pastoral ministry as well as preparing for the ministry and practical advice for those graduating from seminary.

From the publisher:

Preparation For Ministry deals with important issues relating to a call to the Christian ministry, theological training, and entry into pastoral work.

The author has written it out of his own rich experience as a student, a pastor, and a seminary teacher. Those contemplating entry into the Christian ministry will benefit greatly from his practical advice on such subjects as coming to faith, the call to the ministry, pre-theological study, and choosing a theological college or seminary.

Those already in theological training or who have recently entered into ministry will also find much to help them within these pages on such topics as the theological course, early ministry, and staying fresh.

A brief bibliography is provided, and the book also contains useful appendices, including:

  • a guide to preparatory reading
  • a short guide to sermon preparation
  • C. H. Spurgeon’s The Minister’s Self-Watch
  • B. B. Warfield’s The Religious Life of Theological Student

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Faith and Practice #26

Pipa-BowtieIn this 26th edition of the “Faith and Practice” segment Dr. Joseph Pipa sits down and interacts with questions from our listeners.

This is a monthly series of the Confessing Our Hope podcast.  For more information see the Faith and Practice menu item.

In this edition we dealt with the following topics:

liberterianism, covenant children, the doctrine of justification, leaving the PCA, confessionalism, Christian sabbath, the Trinity, and more.

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The Westminster Assembly and Pastoral Ministry

vandixDr. Chad Van Dixhoorn is our guest.  The topic of conversation will be the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Summer Institute class held each year on the Taylors SC campus.

We live in a broken world and broken lives abound in it. Pastors and church elders are increasingly tasked with providing counsel, and many seek new tools to do so. But are there some old tools that speak to this need? What does the Westminster Confession, for example, have to say about pastoral care?

Greenville Seminary’s 2016 Summer Institute, a week-long seminar for pastors and Christian laymen, will delve into this unique topic.

Dr. Chad B. Van Dixhoorn will lecture on “The Westminster Assembly and Pastoral Care.” The study will be held on the GPTS campus Aug. 1-5.

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Southern Presbyterian Theology

willbornDr. Nick Willborn is our guest as we discuss the upcoming Southern Presbyterian Theology class held at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary August 8-12. The course is another opportunity for pastors to gain continuing education credits. The program also includes a fascinating tour of historic Presbyterian sites in beautiful Charleston and Columbia, S.C. In addition to talking about the class, we also talked about Southern Presbyterian Theology in general.

“Enjoy the beauty of South Carolina from the Up Country to the Low Country,” says Dr. Willborn, recognized for his contributions to American and Southern Presbyterianism. “We will study some of the great doctrines of the Christian faith as set forth by the Southern luminaries. Consider this a vacation for those in love with truth.”

Tuition for taking the course for M.Div. credit is $448 or to audit without credit it is $60. Use this link to register and pay tuition.

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Coming up on Faith and Practice

gptsHere is a sampling of some of the questions that are scheduled to be answered on the July 29th edition of Faith and Practice with Dr. Pipa.

If you would like to submit a question use this form to do so. All submissions used will receive a $10 off code for a purchase at the Banner of Truth online store.

Updated: June 27, 2016

After Jesus’ resurrection, he went up to heaven (Mark 16:19, Luke 24:51). I understand this to mean that our veiled-in-flesh Lord, the Son of Man, is physically located somewhere in his created cosmos.

Is it therefore just a matter of time (i.e., technological advances) before unbelieving scientists searching for extraterrestrial life unwittingly find Him?

In Romans 2:15 Paul says the “work of the law is written on their hearts” referring to unbelieving gentiles.  In Jer 31:33 in the New Covenant prophecy God says He “will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts”
referring to believers.  What is the distinction between the 2 writings of the law on the heart?

Is it appropriate to raise hands in corporate worship? when? What sort of hand raising does the psalmist speak of?

In the Reformed Community we have seen a lot of books written in the past 25 years by authors who have much good to teach, but who also teach error. I think of the Federal Vision and New Perspective on Paul writers, men like Douglas Wilson and Archbishop Wright. Not all these authors write is in error, but when they turn from truth to error I wonder how to approach their later
works as a pastor and a scholar. How am I to use their books intelligently and should I recommend their books to the average member who, sadly, does not read or does not have time to read, deeply enough to separate truth from error?

How can we truly excommunicate our covenant children who have not been admitted to the Lord’s Table if excommunication is barring professing
Christians from the Lord’s supper.

How do we deal with the Christian Liberty of pipe smoking or Cigar smoking? How can we support this practice from scripture?

Well — CTS (Covenant Seminary) has decided to rename
their ST dept as “missional theology.” Is this a problem? Why does
GPTS use the heading “systematic theology?”

Dr. Pipa offered a protest at the 44th PCA GA. May this be posted? And perhaps discuss it later after
reflection, but reprint it ASAP. Late Thursday evening it was
re-quoted in a less than charitable fashion and it would be helpful to
see it exactly as Dr. Pipa intended. Thank you.

What is the reformed
interpretation of Jude 1.9 (“But even the archangel Michael, when he
was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses,

1 – What general principles of wisdom ought to guide those of us in
pastoral/preaching ministry (or preparing for such ministry) when it
comes to selecting passages for a sermon series? Assuming we are
expositional preachers, how do we choose the next book to preach
through? In particular, what guidance can you give to men who are
entering their first pulpit, and have the liberty given to them to
begin a new book/series right away? What kinds of matters or questions
ought they to be considering?
**Bill, you can shorter all of this to something simple like “What
considerations ought to guide a preacher’s planning of a sermon

2 – What topics of faith and/or practice do you think the Church would
be benefitted to have addressed in a fresh/new (but historically
grounded and Scripturally faithful) book-length treatment from a
confessional Presbyterian (Westminsterian) perspective?
**In other words, “What are the top three issues or questions facing
the Church today for which it would be helpful to have a new book from
a confessional Presbyterian author?”

Faith and Practice #25

Pipa-BowtieIn this 25th edition of the “Faith and Practice” segment Dr. Joseph Pipa sits down and interacts with questions from our listeners.

This is a monthly series of the Confessing Our Hope podcast.  For more information see the Faith and Practice menu item.

In this edition we dealt with the following topics:

Prayer meetings and women praying, head coverings and veils, praying to the Father and prayer in general, name it and claim it theology and Mark 11:24, the WCF and psalms in corporate worship and more.

Listen Here:

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